6 Amazing Well Buildings in Pictures

The Lennox Building in Dublin, Ireland embraces biophilic design as a tool to reduce stress and mental fatigue while encouraging overall psychological well-being and productivity. By incorporating plants into the work environments, studies have shown major improvements in employee morale, attendance and job satisfaction. Other features of the building includes “temperature zone control, rooftop garden terrace, on-site bike parking, healthy snacks, a library of inspiring reading material, shower facilities, and a wellness events program.” which all contributed to their Gold Well certification status.

The Three Garden Road Complex located in Hong Kong, China responds to health and wellness in design through promoting all aspects of how users of the space interact with the complex on a daily basis. From thinking through how users commute to work and providing shuttle buses for tenants, to incorporating gardening and exercise spaces and even mindful eating experiences, The Three Garden Road Complex helps exponentially reduce the daily carbon footprint of individuals who work in the space by providing an array of amenities all under one location.

The Hord Coplan Macht Denver Office located in Colorado, United States design focuses primarily around the psychological well-being of its users. Incorporating a variety of spaces for different personalities and situations allows for an increase of comfort and work to be accomplished. For example, Raised platforms were created for meeting areas and presentations to give a public overview of the office, meanwhile, small private team rooms with rotating wall panels create zones with a controlled level of privacy. Furthermore, the office takes into consideration the addition of natural elements, lighting, and natural patterns to enhance the overall connection with nature and the environment.

The Inn at Moonlight Beach located in California incorporates wellness into their building design by forming an on-site biodynamic farm, which generates its own fertility through composting and crop rotations. They also included a health and wellness library, a meditation deck, and biophilic design throughout the property as an effort to raise awareness of health and well-being for their guests. These elements, in addition to a top-notch air filtration system, contributed to the property obtaining a platinum status.

The Lendlease Melbourne Next Place Office located in Victoria, Australia designed their workplace to revolved around health-focused solutions for their employees. They implemented chemical-free building materials and high water quality standards while constructing the office. For their employees day-to-day use of the space, ergonomic furniture was implemented around the office, as well as healthy food choices and fitness programs. This creates an atmosphere where all aspects of the user is taken care of, both physically and mentally.

ITOKI HQ Office created its office and activities based around the concept of “Zen.” More specifically, zen as a way to facilitate positive mental, physical, and behavioral on the workers. The office incorporates a dedicated studio to establish an environment for both mental health recuperation and fitness activities. They have found through studies that incorporating spaces, like the zen studio, have led to better performance and increased productivity for their workers.