Haven's mission is to make great cities accessible, inviting and empowering through community

We are part of the solution

We are working to create a perfect balance of housing needs with community growth

Carbon-Free Living

Our members pledge to live a carbon free life as best as possible, which includes a push towards carless living, and heavy reliance on ride-sharing, biking, e-scooters and dancing

Member Activism

We participate in our community skills-based volunteering, and clean streets initiatives. We empower our members to give back, provide space for local activism, and actively participate in volunteer efforts


We pledge to listen to our neighbors to build a better community, to treat everyone with respect, to communicate actively on ways to build a better world and to take the extra step to get things done right

Join Us

Get involved to help the community and the environment when you move to Haven

Community Gardening

Food Drives

Car-Free Lifestyle


Build your life with friends, partners and adventurers on your next move